This work is a collaboration between a photographer and the author of this document. The main theme and purpose of the images was to promote a teaser of a web-documental on life stories of women over 30 years of exercising sexual work, in the area known as a Dominican Land, San José, Costa Rica. This teaser shows a virtual environment as main resource for the storytelling.
When the sensation of immersion is high in the cinematic space of a web-documental, and the possibility of entering spaces and subjects is virtually it can be called a virtual environment. In this case, there will be a virtual environment that represents the first brothel to which the director of this project had access.
As part of my collaboration a photo scanned model was made out of a physical model which was consequently 3D printed and painted for a specific atmosphere. A series of key conceptual and spatial elements were introduced into the point cloud using the same principals. 
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